Criminal Justice Reform

Police Reform

Minardi believes in the need for the criminal justice system and having law enforcement available to help us when in need. The problem is that so many people fear the police instead of welcoming them. They have become a culture of “arrest first and ask questions later.” It’s time for that to change and for the police to be held accountable for their actions. Police officers should have body cameras and cameras in their vehicles to record all interactions with the public. That video must be secure and tamperproof to ensure its integrity. This protects both law enforcement as well as the public. A watchdog committee made up of members of the community, law enforcement, legislators, and lawyers, who would review footage and decide whether certain situations require further action.

This would require all law enforcement agencies to be transparent and held accountable for their actions by an unbiased committee to protect the public. We would also amend the current sovereign immunity laws so that individual officers will be held accountable for acting with gross negligence or recklessness when carrying out their duties.

Drivers Out Program

We would also support a new procedure for traffic stops, the D.O.P., Drivers out Policing. This would change the way officers conduct traffic stops, for their safety and for the safety of our citizens. This would require the driver of the vehicle to exit their vehicle and walk back to the officer’s vehicle. This would allow the officer to watch the citizen from a safe secure vantage point where they now have the upper hand in the interaction. This would minimize the risk to the officer, minimize the risk to the driver as the officer would be able to watch the driver approach the officer’s vehicle, be able to observe whether the driver is armed, and act appropriately and not with uncertainty and fear that every car they approach could be their last.

Cannabis Legalization

TAX DOLLARS, TAX DOLLARS, TAX DOLLARS. We can save millions of dollars by reconstructing our criminal justice system. We spend way too much on prisons, supervision of offenders, our court system, and rehabilitation programs that have done little to reduce cannabis and/or other drug use. It is time we let adults be adults and make their own decisions to use substances safely and responsibly.

We will start by aiming for cannabis legalization and taxation for adults 21 and over. This will put an end to the millions of dollars we spend every year on enforcing the criminalization of cannabis. From there, we will move to decriminalize and legalize certain low-risk controlled substances and create a taxed and highly regulated system that focuses on clean products and safe environments, with an emphasis on helping people with addiction and mental illness and not imprisoning them. The drug war has been a major failure in this country. It has destroyed communities and families, has created organized crime and gangs, and has cost us billions of dollars to fight. We would take the savings from the prison system, and the additional tax dollars from sales of cannabis, and redirect it towards our public education system, rehabilitation programs, and other community improvement programs.

The way to end the cycle of addiction is through education, strong support systems and programs that help people get ahead and not further behind.

The 2nd Amendment

We believe all people should have the right to own and possess weapons responsibly. We believe that the way to stop gun violence is through education and by making the world a better place, and if a shooting does occur, there is a greater chance of a responsible citizen to be armed and able to protect those in danger. We do believe in reasonable background checks.


We believe in a Strong Public Education System that sets all students up for success. Education is the key to creating a better society for everyone. James Madison said, “Education is the true foundation of civil liberty.”

Protecting Our Environment

Florida’s beaches, wildlife, and environment are precious and we have to treat them that way. We will advocate for an expansion of the cultivation of hemp to all individuals and provide tax incentives for manufacturers of textiles and other hemp-based materials to expand the hemp industry in Florida. We will also recommend tax incentives for manufacturers of solar panels and other green energy products to entice them to make Florida their home. We will fight to make sure our beaches and waterways are maintained and protected for future generations to enjoy.

Additional Policy

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